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The name of this task connected to "Markov chain"

The main idea of that system is that the next state depends only on the current state, and there is a probability of transition.

First try shows, that one word phrases are shutting down the connection.

So we need to start with two word phrase. First hint is in the password:"talk_with_markov_about_positive_things".

send >> positive spam
recv << positive spam
send >> positive spam
recv << positive hack

As you can see server sometimes changes last word, and this is the main idea

We just need to write a script that will send the same string ā€œnā€ times and look how last word will be changed. After scipt should send new phrase with changed last word and appended "spam" word. Result of this script is a long chain of words:

positive hack days ha_ha_not_that_easy maybe_technopandas_can_help phd technopandas techno_pandas sorry_wrong_turn techno pandas talk_with_markov_about_hacker

After some words, you can get a chain of words:  "talk_with_markov_about_hacker" is a hint, to start a new chain with word "hacker" and this is the answer chain:

hacker quas wex exort yep_those_three_weird_words_are_the_flag

To take egg, you need to start chain with word "easter":

easter easter_egg dc245aad88104604acb82e566fde8ef6
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