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ASIS CALC (reverse 250)



Download the file and find the flag.


After downloading and uncompresing file we can see that it's x64 ELF binary. When I opened it in IDA, I've found that there are tons of code, which seems to be created by flex (The Fast Lexical Analyzer):

Because I was lazy to analyze this program I desided to make small hack. The flag is a string and it should be returned by program when I enter something. Because this program seems to use "std::operator<<" to ourput everything:

(and strings, in particular), lets find where single char output is used:

Only 2 functions! Go to first one and find:

Char array of 37 symbols... maybe it's flag? Lets check.

Decrypt char array routine is the next:

And my decryption code (IDA command line with idapython used):

Python>#get bytes
a = []
for i in range(37):

#brute single byte xor
import string
for i in range(256):
	t = i
	s = ''
	for el in a:
		t =((t+0x54)^0x84)&0xff
		c = chr(el^t)
		if c not in string.printable:
		s += c
	if len(s)==37 and 'ASIS' in s:

Too easy! So, the flag is ASIS_cc605aeae2c9a62fa11ba8ae7fd1301e

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