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Secret host (forensics 100)


Here we need to find something hidden on host using given openvpn configs and dump.

We connected to VPN with given configs but system is required to authenticate. After using strings on dump we got login and password SuperPuperRoot / VeryStrongSecret. So we have authenticated in VPN and went on There is we got a page with this source code:

	<h1>It works!</h1>
	<p>This is the default web page for this server.</p>
	<p>The web server software is running but no content has been added, yet.</p>
	<p style="color: white">Your secret information is RUCTF_29793ced32a8c89481c83827cf24647a</p>

Flag is RUCTF_29793ced32a8c89481c83827cf24647a.

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