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Stolen camera (recon 200)


In this task we need to find city where Olimpiada Balalaykina's camera was stolen.

There are two photoalbums on her page at

One album says that she had a trip through USA. Thanks to album's description we had known that camera was stolen after trip. 

Another one told us that there was her Granny's birthday on last Sunday. Album was created on March, 5 so Granny's birthday on March, 2. One photo shows that Granny's age is 80 and now 2014 so her date of birth is 02.03.1934 (dd.MM.yyyy).

We can get her e-mail from personal info. E-mail is We also saw her post: "My friend always tells me not to use my relatives' birthdays as a password...". So we have login and password for some mailing service. There is no login form on and we assumed that this is Gmail account and tryed to login. We had a success with password 02031934.

We found her friend message with the Google mapsengine link on map of their trip. They were in Grand Junction at the last day of trip when her camera was stolen.

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